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Rock Dimensions’ Climbing  Adventure Camp provides five days of land-based outdoor activities that includes Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Caving, Ropes/Challenge Course and Climbing Tower. The climbing days are suitable for beginning climbers and those who have some basic experience in a gym or outdoors. Each day will be facilitated in a manner that challenges participants on a personal level. The climate is positive, respectful and encouraging. The opportunity for fun and personal growth is a focus of this program, full of activities designed to challenge, build confidence, and allow kids to enjoy the beauty of being kids! They will come away with new skills, knowledge, and a memorable experience.


Adventure Camps 2018 

Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA)

The PCIA began in 2007 to fill a niche in the climbing community with courses that provide comprehensive exposure to fundamental climbing knowledge and instructional skills for individuals who teach in climbing gyms, top-rope, and single pitch environments. The curriculum includes training and credentialing designed to help new climbers and climbing instructors gain access to accurate and consistent information, and to utilize safer, more efficient techniques that are environmentally friendly.

2018 PCIA Climbing Instructor Courses


Whether you have a fear of heights, think you have a fear of heights, have no fear – or you’re really not sure …… an adventure on the Discovery Course will bring you face to face with your level of comfort high above the ground.

The Discovery Course is a playground,/obstacle course,/adrenaline rush all wrapped into one structure that allows individuals to choose which activities and paths to take as they make their way up to the third level platform with the dual Zipline exit.

Adventure and Climbing Guides

Rock Dimensions has been in business since August 1998, continuing to grow as we provide guided climbing trips and instruction to a variety of groups and individuals. We are PCIA certified climbing guides in Boone NC, dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable climbing program for all of our clients. Climbing is an adventure of place, self, movement and moment! Challenge yourself physically and mentally, explore your outer limits, and embrace the opportunity to connect with nature in a very personal way. Whether you are a complete novice, looking to hone up and build on your previous climbing skills, or fall somewhere in between, Rock Dimensions looks forward to the opportunity to help guide you to that new dimension! Our guides and instructors are skilled climbers. Learn from those with a passion for the outdoors and the adventure of climbing!