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All of our staff are highly trained and certified instructors. They are climbers with a passion for the sport, who enjoy introducing others to rock climbing. Our instructors maintain a high level of professionalism and attention to safety, while remaining personable and approachable to clients.  You will always experience a fantastic time while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

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Ryan Beasley

PCIA Lead Climbing Instructor/ PCIA Instructor Trainer



Ryan Beasley is owner and head guide at Rock Dimensions. He began climbing in North Carolina in the mid 1980’s, and during that time has put up a number of first ascents in the state. Ryan has pursued his passion extensively in the southeastern U.S., and has also traveled throughout the western states to experience new areas and for further adventure in the form of big wall climbing in Yosemite and Zion National Parks. Ryan completed the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Rock Instructor Course in 1999. From 2000-2010 he maintained  AMGA Top-rope certification, and AMGA Single Pitch since 2007.  Currently Ryan is an Instructor Trainer with the Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA). He is a certified Wilderness First Responder through SOLO. Ryan began working in the challenge course industry with Challenge Towers (division of Blue Ridge Learning Centers) in 2000. He has traveled throughout the states building, inspecting, and facilitating trainings on high ropes/challenge courses, climbing towers, and ziplines with Challenge Towers. Ryan’s professional experience prior to Rock Dimensions includes instructing with the North Carolina Outward Bound School, the former Charlotte Climbing Center, UNC-Charlotte, Davidson College, and the Mecklenburg and Piedmont Councils, BSA. Ryan graduated from Appalachian State University with a Degree in Recreation Management (1993).

 Jenny Allen

Assistant Director / PCIA Base Managed Climbing Instructor



Jenny Allen was first introduced to climbing in 1995 on The Great Arch (5.5) of Stone Mountain, NC. Since then she has had the opportunity to climb in some of the most spectacular and classic areas in the U.S. – from the Red River Gorge, New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks of the East Coast, to western destinations such as Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, Hueco Tanks, and areas in Colorado and Wyoming. Part of the attraction to climbing is the adventure of traveling to new places. Two of Jenny’s most memorable travel “high-lights” include trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Cotopaxi in Ecuador. Jenny has been working for Rock Dimensions in various roles since its beginning. Prior to her full time involvement with Rock Dimensions, Jenny also worked with the experiential education company Blue Ridge Learning Centers, Inc., based out of Todd, NC. Before Jenny’s arrival in the High Country, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle School Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and enthusiastically taught middle school in the NC public school system for six years. Jenny is a certified Base Managed Climbing Instructor with the Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA) and is a certified Wilderness First Responder through SOLO.

Daniel Shope

PCIA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

Daniel first experienced rock climbing at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in 2004. In 2006 he came to Appalachian State University and became immersed in the climbing culture he found in Boone. His first climbing endeavors here were on the boulders of Grandmother Mountain, where he found the forest and small steep rocks to be more of a home than the small apartment he was bound to for school. In the following years Daniel learned the craft of traditional climbing and began climbing often at Moore’s Wall in the Piedmont and at Table Rock in the Linville Gorge. In 2008 he took his first guiding certification course through Rock Dimensions to become a PCIA Base Managed Instructor. After a brief internship with North Carolina Outward Bound in 2009 Daniel began work for Rock Dimensions in the fall and has been here ever since. In December of 2009 he graduated from Appalachian State University with a Degree in Recreation Management and a minor in Psychology. Daniel now practices traditional climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, and ice climbing all around North Carolina and has established a small number of routes around the Boone area. He is a Wilderness First Responder through WMI and is currently a PCIA Single Pitch Instructor. Daniel is always working to hone his skills as a climber and instructor to attain higher levels of certification and be the best guide he can be. Clients in the past have described Daniel as a patient and caring person who works well with new climbers of all age ranges. “Climbing to me is not only a form of exercise and adventure; but a way of life. It is a way to find peace in the chaos of our modern society; even if just for a few moments while moving from one hold to the next. I really love watching other people and myself grow in a positive way through climbing and I feel that everyone should have a safe environment to learn about climbing.”

Jacob Crigler

PCIA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor



Jacob started his climbing career in the fall 2008 when he first moved to Boone from his hometown of Radford, VA to attend Appalachian State University. The following spring he joined a study abroad expedition to New Zealand and discovered a passion for guiding and instructing people in outdoor activities. Jacob began studying Recreation Management at ASU and his climbing career took off. Since the spring of 2010 he has climbed all over the country and beyond including places like the Rocky Mountains of Colorado; the granite walls of Squamish, British Columbia; huge limestone cliffs in the desert of Mexico; as well as many excellent local areas such as the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and the New River Gorge in West Virginia. He completed his internship with Rock Dimensions in the summer of 2011, graduating from ASU with a B.S. in Recreation Management. Jacob has continued guiding for Rock Dimensions as well as working alongside former professors of the Recreation Management department to help instruct climbing and other outdoor classes. He spent the summer of 2012 in the Pacific Northwest leading youth on climbing and backpacking excursions. Jacob’s favorite types of climbing are long moderate multi-pitch climbing and steep strenuous sport climbing. Jacob is a certified Base Managed Climbing Instructor through the PCIA and a certified Wilderness First                                                            Responder.

Rick Carpenter

PCIA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor


Rick has lived in western North Carolina for his entire life and became immersed in the climbing culture just after  beginning college under the tutelage of trad guru Dave Benner and then from Dee Thomas at Lees-McRae. Climbing is  certainly a passion but ecology is a contender for second place. Rick earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Biology  from Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk and will complete his Master’s Degree in Geography and Planning at  Appalachian State University in Fall 2015. Climbing has taken Rick all over the east coast, from the Linville Gorge all the way up to North Conway. He began his  climbing career as a traditional climber honing his skills at Table Rock and Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge, and  then moved on to bouldering and developing new bouldering areas throughout western NC.  Rick strives to be a climber’s climber with a wide array of skills, sport-climbing 5.12c to climbing hard ice routes in the white mountains of  New Hampshire. Guiding has allowed him to open doors that otherwise might have remained closed, as he completed  his Base Managed Climbing Instructor Certification in spring 2014 and Single Pitch Climbing Instructor in spring 2015.  Rick is certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) through Wilderness                                                           Medicine Institute.

Cameron Cassan

PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor

El Portrero ChicoCameron was exposed to some of the South East’s most popular cliff lines and boulder fields when he joined an Atlanta youth climbing team over ten years ago. Throughout high school, he worked as a lead climbing instructor at Stone Summit, one of the nation’s largest climbing gyms. Now, Cameron calls Boone, North Carolina home. He expects to graduate Appalachian State University May 2016 with a degree in Public Relations and Commercial Photography. His guiding certifications include PCIA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor, WMI Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and epinephrine training. In his free time, Cameron enjoys pushing himself on difficult traditional and sport climbs as well as some occasional boulders. He is an active member of the Carolina Climbers Coalition and American Alpine Club. Above all else, Cameron values sharing his passion for the outdoors with others.



A. Carter Smith

PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor



Carter has been climbing all of his life. He began to focus his energy on training for climbing in 2010. His main disciplines  are bouldering and sport climbing. Carter’s favorite local spots include Grandmother Boulders, Blowing Rock Boulders, and Little Wilson’s. Carter enjoys competing in the American Bouldering Series and Collegiate Climbing Series. He says that, “When I compete, I get to see a new side of climbing. I love the laidback, relaxed atmosphere of a long day at the crag, but I also love the energy and camaraderie of intense competition.” He is currently a sponsored athlete for Evolv and Friction Labs Chalk. Carter’s long-term goals include climbing at least v13 and 5.14b, traveling around the world, continuing to mentor younger climbers, and continuing to contribute to the climbing industry. When he is not climbing, or talking about climbing, you can find Carter going for a run, reading, or eating. Before joining Rock Dimensions, Carter worked for 3 summers as a camp counselor and area director at Camp Raven Knob. He has been working at Rock Dimensions since spring 2013. Carter is PCIA certified for both Base Managed and Top Managed Climbing Instruction and is certified in American Red Cross CPR, AED, and is a Wilderness First Responder. As an Eagle Scout, Carter enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors and for climbing every chance he gets. Carter is a student member of the following professional organizations: AEE, ACCT, NRPA, and NCRPA.   Carter is currently a student at Appalachian State University, studying Spanish and Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education.

Chad Mullins

PCIA Tope Managed Climbing Instructor

IMG_2120Chad found his passion for the outdoors at a young age with his twin brother, always outside exploring the woods following the creek that ran along their property. It wasn’t until he started college courses at Appalachian State University that he found his passion for helping others and rock climbing. Chad attended Appalachian from Fall 2011 to Spring 2015, gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education. Chad took courses focused on climbing instruction in his Rocksite Facilitation course and PCIA Base Managed Climbing Instructor course, and now helps teach alongside Recreation Management faculty. Chad also took courses on urban and wilderness first aid in his college career. During the Fall of 2014 Chad attained his Wilderness First Responder certification through Landmark Learning, and passed his state EMT-Basic test in the beginning of 2016. He completed his PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor certification in the spring of 2015. Chad loves the challenges and hard work climbing has to offer and enjoys seeing those new to climbing succeed.

Nichole Thompson

PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor

NicholeNichole started climbing in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a well-known spot called Blowing Rock Boulders. Even though she didn’t own a pair of climbing shoes at the time she made an investment later in climbing gear. Nichole is a very driven athlete and enjoys pushing herself to new limits, learning from others and her mistakes. With time and practice, Nichole is now experienced in leading sport routes, traditional climbs, and even ice routes.   Since the start of her climbing she is proud to say she is one of the most well rounded female climbers in Boone. Winter of 2013 she made a trip to Conway, New Hampshire for an icy adventure, where she led her first ice climb, called “Willy Slide”.  In the spring of 2015 she led some of her more difficult sport routes in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge and fell in love with the beautiful orange sandstone. Nothing has come close to what Appalachian Mountains expertise can give, with their granite rocks, undiscovered boulders, and gorgeous views.  Nichole is certified in Wilderness First Aid and is a PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor.

Drew Mercer

PCIA Base Managed Climbing Instructor




Drew grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina where he developed a passion for the outdoors through activities  like camping, paddling, and climbing.  Drew moved to Boone in 2013 to attend school at Appalachian State  University where he chose to major in Recreation Management and to focus on outdoor experiential  education. Drew will be graduating in December of 2015.  Drew has been a climber for a year and a half, and  has found bouldering and sport climbing to be his favorite types of climbing. His first outdoor climbing  experience was on an Outward Bound course where he climbed a multi-pitch route on Table Rock at Linville  Gorge.  Since that experience he has been honing his skills as a rock climber and instructor.  Drew holds the  AMGA climbing wall instructor certification as well as the PCIA Based Managed Climbing Instructor  certification.  He is also a Wilderness First Responder through WMI.

 David Taylor 

PCIA Top Rope Climbing Instructor 





Max Royal

Summer 2017 Intern Extraordinaire

Max was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he was first exposed to climbing at Pilot Mountain, and moved to Boone in 2015 to study Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education at Appalachian State University. He was introduced to climbing through his studies, and also through his involvement with the Appalachian State Climbers Coalition, and has been climbing ever since. He now practices all three facets of rock climbing: traditional, sport, and bouldering, with some of his favorite climbing
areas being Linville Gorge, Rumbling Bald, and the New River Gorge. He likes introducing people to climbing and taking people out climbing to connect them to nature and help everyone to relate and appreciate the great outdoors. Max is the current intern here at Rock Dimensions, and holds medical certifications in CPR/AED and Epinephrine Administration, and currently has his WMI Wilderness First Responder. Max is the 2017 recipient of the A-4 Appalachian Adventure Achievement Award for the 18-24 year category.

Mike Shine


Michael has taken a lot of courses all around the world. He’s a triple graduate of The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) expeditionary type courses. Most of his focus has been in mountaineering but he is really enjoying learning about/ becoming the best rock climber he can become while achieving his degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Appalachian State. He has climbed in Squamish and is right now, super stoked on what he calls “easy trad”. Michael is pursuing his Single Pitch Instructor certification (SPI) and is a certified WEMT! He started climbing at 15 when he went on a Colorado Outward Bound Mountaineering trip. He has climbed to 16896 feet in Peru on Mateo in Contrahierbas. He is a certified AST 1 avalanche rescue backcountry skier which was achieved on the Wapta Glacier Traverse in British Columbia. He is currently employed at the climbing wall at App State and is always looking for his next adventure! Ask him about sailing in British Columbia, Sea Kayaking in Alaska, or whitewater rafting in Peru on the Marañon!

Matthew Dickson

PCIA Base Managed Climbing Instructor

Matt smilingMatt first got interested in climbing through the climbing gym at Appalachian State University.  What started out as just a way to hang out with friends quickly grew into an activity he couldn’t do without.  As his climbing experience and interest in the sport grew, Matt took a PCIA Base Managed course in the Fall of 2014 through ASU to learn more about safe outdoor climbing.  While Matt’s first outdoor climbing experiences were bouldering at Blowing Rock Boulders, he has since climbed at areas around Boone such as The Dump, Little Wilson, Grandmother Boulders, Ship Rock, and Table Rock.  On a road trip in the summer of 2014 Matt had the awesome opportunity to climb in Colorado, an experience that is still imprinted in his mind.  Although he can’t wait to travel again to the Western U.S., Matt loves the mountains of North Carolina where he lives. Matt currently chooses mostly sport climbing and bouldering, though he is starting to increase his skills in traditional climbing and can’t wait for the opened opportunities that will provide him. Matt graduated from Appalachian State University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Music.

Nick Amodei

nick-garden-of-the-gods-rappell (1)Nicholas Amodei is an avid climber, Eagle Scout and ASU graduate who prefers his climbs on the rocks. He first got interested in climbing through the Boy Scouts of America during a day camp at the age of 7. Nick later came back into climbing with his enrollment at Appalachian State University in the Fall of 2012 where he learned to love rock climbing all over again. During the summer of 2014 Nick worked at Philmont Scout Ranch as a climbing program counselor. It was here that Nick learned his rope skills through the training Philmont provides to its staff in a week long intensive. The next Summer Nick found his place in Boone, NC when he started working for Rock Dimensions. Shortly after starting work with Rock Dimensions Nick began learning the trade of traditional climbing which is now one of his favorite types of climbing. He has pulled through several 5.12 climbs and is always looking to push his climbing to the next level. Nick is now in his third season of working in the climbing industry and is looking forward to more. Rock climbing is both a physically and mentally challenging sport that Nick has enjoyed across 10 states including Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and is excited to tick off the other 40 states from his list.  Nick graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Appropriate Technology (Spring 2016).

Justin Bowling

PCIA Assistant Base Managed Climbing Instructor


Justin is from Sanford, NC and moved to the High Country in January 2010. He got a job at Grandfather Mountain as a Back Country Ranger and continued to work there for two seasons. Justin began climbing in 2012 while enrolled in a rock climbing course through Appalachian State University. He completed the PCIA Base Managed Climbing Instructor Course that June, and spent much of the summer of 2012 assisting on climbing trips, belaying at the Footsloggers tower and guiding cave trips. The following summer, Justin completed his school internship working for a guide service in Alaska. Here he guided backpacking and hiking trips in Denali National Park and Lake Clarke National Park, as well as doing some road based tours throughout the state.  In September of 2013, Justin moved back to Boone and began working on the Ski Patrol at Sugar Mountain Resort while continuing to guide for Rock Dimensions. Justin is also an avid mountain biker and enjoys riding the trails in Boone and in the Pisgah National Forest. Justin received his Wilderness First Responder certification in May of 2013 and will be completing his EMT Basic certification in August of 2014. He is currently a student in the Recreation Management program at Appalachian State University.