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Do I need to have a lot of upper body strength to climb?

Anyone of average physical ability can climb. Balance, footwork, and mental control are often more important than upper body strength.

What is your minimum age requirement to climb?

Our client base ranges from 5 years old to 67 years old.

How do I schedule a trip?

Call or email to reserve your trip date and send a 50% deposit.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a group or individual trip?

You can book a trip at any time. Group trips require more advance notice than individuals, families and other small groups. To insure availability, it is best to schedule in advance, but we can often provide a trip with just a day’s notice, and sometimes even that day (namely during the summer season).

What do I wear for rock climbing or caving?

Refer to the clothing/equipment list for the specific activity. There is a link to this list at the bottom of each program page.

Is tipping appropriate?

Yes. If you would like to show your appreciation to your guide(s), then we do encourage tipping. (and your compliments and referrals!)

Is equipment provided?

All caving and climbing gear are provided and included in the trip cost.

Do you provide lunch and transportation?

Food and transportation are not included in the trip cost. You can make special arrangements for Rock Dimensions to provide lunch or transportation at an additional cost. Individuals or smaller groups (up to 3 people) are often able to ride with a guide.

What if it rains the day of my trip?

Caving: No problem! The cave environment remains a constant 50-55 degrees and you’ll be underground and sheltered from the rain.

Rock Climbing: The trip will be rescheduled if rain prohibits climbing activity. The High Country often has overcast, misty days without a real rain, in which our trips generally still go out.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

a. 30 days or greater notice of cancellation, the full deposit less a 10% administrative fee
will be refunded
b. 14 to 30 days notice of cancellation, 50% of the full deposit will be refunded
c. Less than 14 days notice of cancellation, no deposit will be refunded

A separate refund/cancellation policy may apply to summer camps and visitors.

Do you rent or sell gear?

We rent climbing shoes, bouldering pads, chalk bags and bouldering packs. Call for prices.

We do not rent harnesses, helmets, or any other equipment for climbing or caving.

We do not sell any equipment. Footsloggers, located in downtown Boone, sells outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories. 828-262-5111

We have Rock Dimensions t-shirts in adult and youth sizes available for purchase at $15.00 each. Contact us to buy one or to have them included in your group trip package at a discounted rate.