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Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America Rock Climbing Merit Badge Program:

Climbing and rappelling on real rock cliffs in the beautiful North Carolina mountains is a fun and exciting way to challenge Scouts and allow them the opportunity to advance themselves in Scouting. Boy Scouts can earn all of the requirements for the Climbing Merit Badge with the exception of the first aid skills (requirements 1 and 2).  The climbing day will focus on providing Scouts the opportunity to complete their climbs, rappels and belays for the merit badge. Rope care, verbal commands, knots and the teamwork aspect of enjoying a safe climbing experience are reinforced throughout the day.  Classes of climbing and rating systems are also discussed.



Trips in the Piedmont and Mountains of NC, with convenient camping nearby:
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Tower to Rock

Rock Dimensions operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service for guiding in Pisgah National Forest and a commercial use permit for areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway, NPS.


Group Size

  • Maximum of 10-17 participants, depending on location.
  • There are many options for larger groups that can be discussed specifically with your group (different location, 2-day program, etc.).
  • Group sizes are limited due to environmental impact concerns, permit concerns, and to allow for maximum participation.

What To Expect

  • Instruction in knots, harnesses, communication, belaying and climbing movement
  • Top-roping on 3-4 climbs, ranging from beginner to intermediate
  • Belaying and backup belaying
  • Rappel instruction: equipment, fireman’s backup belay, techniques
  • Rappelling on vertical and over-hanging rock faces using various rappel devices

Rock Dimensions Provides

  • Harnesses, Helmets, Ropes, Belay and Rappel devices, Climbing Shoe, Anchoring equipment


$80.00/person (6 or more participants)
Contact us for half-day program prices, summer camp options, and smaller troops and patrols.

It is customary to tip guides if you enjoy your experience.

Printable Climbing Gear List